The Ultimate Malted Raspberry Popcorn


Malted raspberry Popcorn

Malted raspberry Popcorn


Well folks this has turned into one of my signature dishes, because when you want a munch very little can beat this guilty pleasure! This dish is so easy to make, and don’t panic everyone thinks it’s likely to get soggy but as long as you work quickly I promise you wont be disappointed! SO what you’ll need is the following:

200g fresh raspberries, 2 tablespoons of raspberry jam (if you have no raspberries use 4x tablespoons of jam)

4 x tablespoons of Sarsons Light Malted Vinegar (I like Light because it has no colour and wont affect the look of the dish but there is no taste difference between the Sarsons Light Malted Vinegar and Sarsons classic Malt Vinegar)

2 tspn. golden sugar

1 tbsp. vegetable oil

1 tsp. vegetable oil

50g popcorn kernals

healthy pinch of sea salt

Ok so this is a really quick dish. Heat tbsp. of oil in a pot that has a lid until slightly smoking. Drop in the popcorn kernals, shake around till all coated in oil, replace lid, and heat on medium heat until all popcorn has popped.

In another pot, add the 4 tbsp. of Sarsons Light Malted Vinegar and the raspberry jam and dissolve over a medium heat until is forms a thick raspberry sauce. Then add the tsp. of vegetable oil and heat on full till it bubbles then turn it down low. (the oil keeps the consistency to a frying state so that the sauce doesn’t make the popcorn go all mushy!)

Spoon a handful of the popcorn into the malted jam sauce and toss around quickly, adding the rest of the popcorn until the majority of the popcorn is touched by the sauce then quickly tip into a bowl. Sprinkle a healthy pinch of sea salt (table salt is the one that is bad for you, sea salt actually has lots of lovely minerals our bodies crave for a healthy immune system!) and a not so healthy spinkle of sugar on top too! Then take a handful of raspberries if you have them to pretty the dish up and hey presto a munchie delight!


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