Dear Diary – Round and round we go!

March 30, 2014

Dear Diary

Terrace Gardens Richmond

Terrace Gardens Richmond

Ever have one of those days where you mind just goes round and round. I was looking at properties online and it’s beyond frustrating. Only last year it was possible to get a 3 bedroom house to rent for £1200 now the same house is on the market for £1600! How crazy and seriously greedy are these landlords? I don’t think I have much choice, I think my dream of keeping a big family together is going to have to be scaled down to two, I just don’t think I can afford more than a two bed place. But all is not lost yet,there are always options, I just have to stick to it. 🙂

It dawned on me this week that the likelihood of the funds I was hoping for is less and less likely. So I posted an ad to find a flat mate for 4 months from the end of April, plan B. Can’t say I’m not disappointed but there’s nothing I can do about it. Sometimes certain things in life let you think you have some control but the reality is someone higher up has already thought a couple of steps further ahead of you. It’s a bugger being an idealist, I do believe everything happens for a reason, but I’m also naive enough to think that if you give something you’re all you’ll be rewarded, but I think that’s just more like fantasy.

The one thing that really did pick me up this week was to see that this blog actually had some followers, and from people I didn’t actually know!

Excuse me, side bar, my bloody upstairs neighbour, Alpha man, is making as much noise as possible sweeping the front entrance his way of saying ‘hey, look what I’m doing! Well done, have a lolly!

Anyways, as I was saying I was hopeful that pals would be on board, but I have to say it kinda blew me away that there were people that were interested in my ramblings and ideas. I’m really enjoying doing this 🙂

Actually last night, OMG my cat just farted! Jeez who knew such a powerful odour could emanate from such a small orifice?! as I was just about to say and it probably doesn’t go well with the previous explosion, but you know how it is when you’re out shopping and you are depriving yourself of the naughty nasties, you know the food that’s not really food, the fake really bad for you stuff? Well I know I have no will power, so I deliberately haven’t bought chocolate etc. for a while, but I’m starting to wonder whether that’s such a good tactic.

Last night faced with no naughties, I got to baking some cookies. I wanted to make something malty, sweet, salty and chewy and that’s just what I did! I had this idea that I would take them into the office and save myself from the inevitable increase to my hips but it just didn’t work out like that. In fact they had more of a Pringle effect, you know, when your start you can’t stop!  And they were wheat and gluten free, but I must remember that just because they are free of these things, doesn’t mean they are free of calories! I have to admit I had to go out and get something for the heartburn of over eating them! Maybe this isn’t a good advertisement for this recipe, but hell dem cookies were good!

I had a lovely dream last night, i rarely remember them these days, but it was just sweet and simple. I was in my next home, and there was a lovely garden and I was out with my two favourite fury friends, Andy and Brad! I joke, no seriously, my cats. Made all the sweeter when I look at my current garden where my neighbour is 2 feet away. Honestly I just don’t get splitting a garden into a ridiculous tiny shape just so a 1st floor flat can have it’s own garden. For crying out loud, if you’re going to live on the first floor then you generally don’t expect to have a garden! Just to sit outside with a decent radius of space where you can just be means going for a walk into the park, and even then, what is it with people? they don’t like you to be on your own. There’ s this whole huge park and these people have to come and sit right by me. Its the same if you are parked on a road where there are no other cars,  the next car that wants to park then parks up your arse, on an empty road?!

Well April is going to be a long month, there’s a lot to do and I’ve lots of ideas for articles, I’ve just got to find the time to write them, but I’m having fun working out what to write coz there’s so much stuff out there that I’m looking forward to chewing over!

Cybs x

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