Dear Diary, Feelin’ the wobble!

April 20, 2014

Dear Diary

Ok, so I mentioned a while ago that I was thinking about starting this DVD, you know the one I bought “Vicky’s 7 day slim” and it’s taken me till this weekend to finally unwrap it. I have the arrangement with a friend at work as she has the DVD too, as of the 12th April we were both going to start and give it our best shot.

So I unwrapped the clear wrapping, popped open the case and there was Vicky skiing back at me in her a bit too thin for my liking, size 6 fitness gear. But the reviews I had read online said it was a good DVD so lets have at it!

Into the DVD player and off we go!

Err hello Davina? What are you doing here? I have Davina McCall now encouraging me that I can do it, yadayadayada. Hmmmmm me ist confused! I popped it out of the machine….. yup there was Vicky…..popped it back in….. yup there was Davina!

One week later….

Ok, so I thought I would come back and write when I had a bit more to say and thankfully now I have!

Firstly, that dvd bloody killed! But I can deal with 15ms of pain opposed to 30ms, so I’d definitely recommend it. You can’t help but like Davina. She looks great but what I like about the dvd is it’s not all skinny mini’s making you feel  from another planet! They’re normal people who are at all intimidating.

I got the shock of my life when I saw a photo of myself 4 weeks ago against other people, I hadn’t realised how much weight had crept on. The start of this menopause saw my weight increase by a stone this year and I also watched as my waist disappeared and was replaced with rather generous muffin tops which sat high enough for me to continue convincing myself that my size 12’s still fit. All I know now is that I can’t moan about feeling like this unless I at least try to do something about it.

So now I’ve completely cut out all forms of fillers, wheat, corn, maize, spelt you name it. I haven’t been actually dieting, but doing this coupled with the exercise dvd and I’ve lost 1/2 stone (7lbs/ 3kg) which isn’t bad going without watching fat intake or calories. So I’m going to keep going. The exercise, combined with the omission of fillers and perhaps the Serenity cream I’m using has meant that I’ve had no night sweats, or hot flushes for over a week, and I can tell you that in itself makes this all worth it!

Without the fillers by digestion has definitely improved, I don’t feel bloated and my skin looks less dehydrated.

Have you ever been expecting bad news for so long that you spend the time convincing yourself that you will be dealing with the worst so you can handle it when it happens, and then when you are proven wrong it takes you several days to get your head around the fact that you don’t have to go down the route? Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Now I know I can start to look for somewhere else to live, somewhere where 8 different properties can’t look directly into my home and I can’t hear my neighbour taking a pee at 5am, or their mobile receiving vibrating texts at all hours of the night above your head! Yippee! Time to move on, and finally I’ll be able to get this fostering process started in a couple of months. So  by the time that all happens I’ll be smoke free, slimmer and fitter!

I’ve listed various properties and I’m going to see them at the end of the week as I’ve taken a couple of days off and at the same time I’m going to advertise for my place, since I have to give the landlord 2months notice, so if I can find him someone good maybe we can switch it all over smoothly. Finally I’m getting back on track, it will take a few months before I’ve got everything in place but just to be moving forward is a good place to be. 🙂



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