Dear Diary – Get some bloody sleep woman you are a monster!

May 12, 2014

Dear Diary

This si what I should have said to myself last week. Don’t ask me why I refused to go to bed at a reasonable time, I have no answer. Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy and then I wonder why everything is pissing me off more than usual. It was just that the time before bed is my time, and I was so reluctant to give it up, even to sleep. Well we’ve already established that I can be a bit of a plank at times. Anyways this weekend I made sure I got some sleep, coz I couldn’t even put up with myself let alone expect anyone to if I continued on this course!

Something has happened in the last couple of weeks that has knocked my confidence and caused me to have to rethink my perspective and approach to certain things. I feel little like a fool, just because when I throw my heart and soul into something, I really do! But often people have no idea how much it means to me, so it’s easy for them to be dismissive and wee all over my dreams. I certainly don’t get people sometimes but now with some sleep I wonder whether this was the universes way of telling me that this is all my baby and I should pursue it for myself so that’s what I decided to do.

I pitched five literary agents on Friday last week to see if there was any interest in my cook books and my novels. Very quickly I received 2 very nice no’s 🙂 That’s fine, no problem there, it just takes it hitting the right person at the right time so this thankfully doesn’t diminish my confidence. I’ve been here before, many times as many aspiring authors have been. Sometimes it can take a lifetime, but you never stop trying. One has come back and wants to see more of Snoopi and the bomb suit and strangely at this time I keep hearing from people in Australia, Canada, and South America who have read it and love it – but I wonder if it’s because they know me and it means more to them. But no, let me think, I have had a lot of likes for it on this blog. Anyways I guess for the outcome of that, time will tell.

However, am feeling a bit stuffed as hit a big creative surge this weekend, problem is I’m running out of room in my freezer to store all these meals I keep making! The sooner I adopt and foster, the sooner I’ll have some live humans to inflict my creations upon – that is the reason that people have children isn’t it? So they can hold the shopping, clean up in the kitchen and weed the garden?! Oh well that was just my childhood then!



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