Dear Diary – Taking the long view….

May 18, 2014

Dear Diary

I am so looking forward to having some time off. A couple of days here and there don’t really cut it. I’m in work tomorrow but then off till 28th so I have time to catch up with friends, create more recipes and maybe learn something about internet marketing. I’ll let you know how it goes, it might be one of these waste of time situations but it might also be something that will be invaluable to my future. I’m not going to go into it until I’ve established whether it’s worth it or not, but if it is, you’ll hear me shouting about it from the roof tops. Something that helps me promote my blog, that drives people to my website where there’s a possibility of being able to earn some additional pennies, if that works, great. Actually it needs to, as now that I have made all my decisions I’ve also worked out just how much money I need to move forward and it’s going to take me months to get there.

This I have to say is a little more than frustrating. I so hate where I live, the warring hippos have been at it twice this week and I so hate that I can’t sit in my garden and have a conversation that the whole could listen into. So I do want this course to be genuine and work.

I have decided that I will look for a 3 bed in Isleworth. I can rent out both bedrooms to people that just need a room from Mon-Frid and I will do this for 1yr whilst I save in preparation to adopt. At least with 3 bedrooms, even when I adopt, I will still have a room to get rent from. I feel really good about this now, it feels right. You have to know clearly in your mind what you want before you can start to make progress and before it was an anxious time when I didn’t understand what time was trying to teach me. After living in a car for 6mths, it never really leaves you, and it’s not such an obviously simple thing to dive right in, when I was young I was fearless, as a woman in her 40’s with no fall backs, screwing up is just too costly, I’ve got to get it right 🙂



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