Chicken gherkin and halloumi towers

Chicken Halumi and Gherkin towers

This is a very quick and simple dish!

first heat the grill.

2 chicken breasts

6 slices of Halloumi cheese

sliced gherkins

cocktail stick/kebab stick

Caesar dressing

In a pan with a tsp. olive oil cook the chicken breasts for 4-5ms each side. At the same time cook the gherkins. Remove from pan and slice the chicken horizontally (like a pita bread)

Whilst the chicken is cooking, grill the Halloumi in preheated grill for 2-3ms each. side.

With the two pieces of chicken breast you have sliced, place one on a plate, then layer the gherkins, followed by a slice of Halloumi, then the next piece of chicken, then another layer of gherkin and then another slice of Halloumi the hold in place with your cocktail/kebab stick.

Serve with a tbsp. of Caesar dressing and halved plum tomatoes.

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