Special Mizkan Recipes from Japan

Matazaemon VinegarAs you may have already read from this blog, I work for a Japanese company called Mizkan, and this year Mizkan Japan celebrated its 210th birthday, which in this day and age is pretty impressive in itself! And no matter what the future holds for me I will always accredit Mizkan with inspiring me to create new recipes, thereby developing another aspect of my passion for creating and writing, two things that are intrinsically part of who I am.

For this special anniversary,  our Chairman wanted to celebrate by offering a gift to all his employees, both here, in Japan, Europe and the US and this gift was a very special tear drop bottle of original Matazaemon Vinegar, which comes in it’s own special stand. Not only were we given this exclusive bottle of vinegar, it came in it’s own display box, complete with a smart little book of 100 Japanese recipes and an impressive history of this long established company.

I have to say it’s very rare for a company to inspire such passion in their products, but when the owners and senior directors care so much, they choose people of like minds.

I won’t go into the history here, you can always click this link if you want to learn more, but what I will tell you is how this specialised vinegar tastes.

This vinegar is seasoned so it has a depth of flavour I haven’t tried before. It has body and a full flavour but it’s not overpowering. In fact it’s not in the slightest bit sharp, when I first tried it, I tried it on it’s own off a teaspoon and it tastes very smooth. Think of a soft woody wine with a mellow acidity, it enhances the recipes you add it to like a key instrument in an orchestra of flavours, subtle yet vital to the over all balance.

I don’t know about you but I have very little experience of preparing Japanese recipes until I worked for Mizkan, but with sushi becoming more and more popular, and people seeking healthier, fresher recipes I really wanted to share with you some of these delicious recipes our Chairman and CEO, Kazuhide Nakano was kind enough to share with us.


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