What do you think you can’t give up if you go Paleo?

If you’ve been following my blogging journey, you’ll see that I lean towards a Paleo diet. To me it’s a bit like faith. It’s something that makes total sense to the core of who you are, but like faith you’re not always so sure footed. You fall on and off the wagon so to speak!

I refer to myself as a bit of a Paleo slut! Meaning, 80% of my diet is Paleo and very healthy, but I still have certain weaknesses and vices I find particularly difficult to let go of. I reassure myself that whilst I find it difficult to say good bye to dairy products, I at least try to opt for lacto free products, coz I love cooking with cream and butter and all sorts of cheeses. I also reassure myself that I only eat protein products and am not a milk drinker.

On this great journey blogging, I have been devouring other great blog sites which have inspired me to the point where I can’t switch off my  mind when I comes to bed, thinking of all the interesting articles I’ve read across many really well informed and presented blogs. So much so, they’ve inspired me to organise my site more efficiently, because what’s the point if you’re not going to better yourself!

Another weakness I have to admit to is one total piece of crap I probably eat daily,  and please don’t abandon me when I admit to having a thing for twister ice lollies 😦 I know, all that healthy stuff corrupted by an ice lolly, it’s disgraceful!)

However, after a massive blog consumption I am feeling very inspired. I grew up with a strong Indian and Italian influence, so saying bye bye to pasta has not been an easy release. I changed to gluten free some time ago, but gluten free really doesn’t mean healthy, it just means it made with some other crappy substance the body doesn’t really like. i.e. corn or spelt – something our bodies just doesn’t know what to do with. It has the same effect on me that Wimpey burgers used to have on my stomach after the first bite, stomach cramps. Clearly my body likes to be heard when it doesn’t like something.

So, what’s the alternative for things like dairy, pasta and bread – things that have been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years?

Below we’ll look at Flour, Bread, Pasta, Dairy

1. Flour

Using flour for batter – I use coconut flour and tend toward a tempura style batter. One egg beaten and a bowl of flour. Dip vegetable  or whatever in egg then in coconut flour then shallow fry. It’s delicious and can be adapted for most batters. 1 egg to 1 cup of flour, I’ve used this successfully for pancakes.

2. Bread

I have to admit, this one I have found more difficult to master. But I am encouraged by recipes I have found here: http://paleorecipesnutrition.com/Sandwich_Bread_Recipe_2.html

In fact here is a list from Paleo recipes nutrition site for all sorts of Paleo breads,


Over all it’s a really helpful site that’s clear and straightforward.

3. Pasta

Ah pasta! As a kid every birthday I’d want Parma Ham and Melon, followed by my mother’s delicious Lasagne so how could I seriously give this up? Well the good news is if you don’t have a pasta machine, there are alternatives to be found in various vegetables and there’s also this for noodles – kelp noodles – which may not be easy to get hold of in shops but you can buy through Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sea-Tangle-Noodle-Company-Noodles/dp/B0019JTH96/ref=sr_1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1400759214&sr=1-1&keywords=kelp+noodle

One of the best vegetables alternatives for spagetti is spagetti squash. You bake it for about 20ms face down in the oven, and then when its soft and cooked use a fork to separate it’s flesh into strands and then drain in a sieve. You can flat it into layers as a substitute for lasagne, it’s not exactly the same but you can still build a successful Lasagne dish using this.

Strips of courgettes work as a good substitute if your looking for a fettucini type of replacement.

You can also try this Cheat Sheet website, it’s very helpful when you are looking at veggie alternatives to pasta.


Sadly, it appears that there’s nothing to the equivalent of the chewiness of wheat pasta, but I am going to have a shot at making coconut pasta from scratch this weekend so I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve succeeded or failed!

4. Dairy

Whipped cream is super easy – buy a tin of coconut milk and make sure it’s been refrigerated for at least 24hrs, if you don’t it won’t whip.

Spoon it out, leaving the water behind, with what you have spooned, whip as you would would normal cream and in a couple of minutes you’ll have whipped cream dairy free.

Soured cream – you make the exact same way, you just add a 2 tsp. Dufrais Cider Vinegar and whip.

Cheese – the best fake cheese that is not made out of soya I’ve come across comes from this website : http://janeshealthykitchen.com/dairy-free-parmesan-cheese/ it’s a great website well worth following!

Sadly none of the dairy free cheeses have that wonderful melty texture 😦  but at least you can have something that replicates the flavour well!

Butter – well this is a tough one. There appears to be one version that is 100% Grass Fed Ghee which uses cow’s milk and frankly that just kinda defeats the object for me that I’d rather stick to lacto free butter as a closer alternative.

There is however another option, nut butter and seed butter and whilst I have searched far and wide for a good recipe selection this is by far the best site I have come across, do check it out!


The two I’d recommend are the sunflower seed butter and the cashew nut butter!

And if you don’t have the time and just want to buy Paleo ingredients then try out this online shop


So that’s it folks for the time being. I hope this has made some sense out of alternatives and how to bridge the gap between previous eating habits and new ones. I need to now practice what I preach! I will let you know how I go with making my coconut flour pasta after the weekend! Wish me luck! 😀




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3 Comments on “What do you think you can’t give up if you go Paleo?”

  1. Bunny Eats Design Says:

    I’m actually not a huge fan of bread or pasta, but I do adore rice. I couldn’t give up cheese or dairy either. I think if you are not allergic to these things and your body can process them, denying yourself these treats completely makes life unbearable. What’s the point in being Paleo and miserable?



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