Dear Diary- No surprise there then!

May 25, 2014

Dear Diary

Well howdy there, I guess you can see that I’ve had the week off, which I must admit has been great to have the time to work on this blog. I’ve finally had the time to check out so many amazing food blogs that have really inspired me and I’ve made so many more connections with what I’m learning is a really supportive and encouraging community. Not one of them has the inflated ego you might expect with chefs.

I did however go to check out the Food Festival here in Twickenham this weekend, but to be honest, as I walked around the outside of the fenced fair, all the suppliers I could see were suppliers you see at the supermarket, just in vans and in stalls, so by the time I had walked around to the entrance which had a long queue, I was actually very disappointed to find that just to wander around it was £14 if you had booked your ticket and £15 is you just turned up! Frankly I think this is greedy and very short sighted. This immediately eliminated a large portion of the population who can’t afford to just throw away money like that. But then, that’s pretty typical of London, not sure if it’s the same as the rest of the country but if you are a true Londoner chances are you are slowly being squeezed out on many levels. I know £15 probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are on a very tight budget, and lets face it, Scottish!, you’re reluctant just to throw money away without receiving any real value back. Don’t get me wrong, I did phone up and asked what the entrance fee was for –  was there some sort of demonstration, something that justified the cost? No just the entrance fee. As a passionate, if somewhat broke foodie I was very annoyed.

I have however had a great week away from work, I’ve caught up with my dearest friends, subjected them to all manner of my food experiments which I’ve delighted to say have been received exceptionally well!  I know I’m particular about the flavours I put together, and I know I have some pretty seemingly weird ideas, and believe me, there are many that are a case of ‘uh oh! maybe not!’ so only the ones I would thoroughly enjoy myself again, get to make it up on this site 😀

I am also feeling extremely encouraged by the response I’ve had for my book ‘Snoopi and the bomb suit’, comments from positive followers are incredibly encouraging. Even the mistaken letter from one publisher who responded to me regarding someone else’s book, ‘Are you an arse hole?’ that was one of the best laughs I had all week!

I’ve raided my cupboards this weekend and photographed just about everything, as it’s time to generate more money towards getting myself the F out of dodge. This summer weather makes the fact that the proximity of my neighbours is way too close for comfort, I need to get out.

After watching Project Wild Thing I also realise that whilst I was seriously looking at moving to Isleworth, I don’t think that would be the best thing now. Yes it would be close to work, but at what expense? No greenery, shut inside for much of the time? If I move further out, there’s greenery, fresh air and space, but it will take me longer to get home in an emergency, all these considerations make making a decision perplexing. I know I want to move in 2 months, but the reading I had said it wouldn’t happen till October and that there would be something else to celebrate around this time in September. I’m bloody minded and determined and I will do everything I can to move out quickly, but if the universe starts yelling at me again who knows, may be the reading I had might be more pertinent.

I was really excited to share the recipes from Mizkan’s anniversary cook book, some of them are really beautiful, some a quite time intensive and not being the most patient person they take a little long for me!

I have a couple more days off before I return to work on Wednesday and I have quite a few recipes to load up, both of my own original ones and Mizkan’s, but I’ve come across a novel I started writing last year that’s only in the early stages, but I’ve done the detailed synopsis and the first chapter and I couldn’t put it down. I pray one of these days I’m financially secure enough to really go for it, this one has a plan of 20 books in the series! Yikes! once I start writing, whether it’s recipes or stories, I just can’t stop, it’s like a need that has to burst out of me.

One of the best books I’ve every read about being a writer is Stephen King’s ‘On writing’, everything he wrote I could totally relate to, and the best advice he gives is just sit down and write, don’t worry about planning it out, just produce a minimum of  2-3,000 words a days and work on it later after it’s all out. I think I did that with ‘The Egrane Chronicles’ which is a reincarnating thriller where each book moves through different periods in time and even into different dimensions. I can really let my imagination run free. He also suggests letting the characters help guide you toward what it is they would naturally do in a particular situation and it really gives them life, and love him or hate him, the man can really write and tell a story! Oh to be a respected writer one day! 😀


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