Dear Diary – Well ok, so maybe I was a teeny winey bit hormonal last week..

June 8, 2014

Dear Diary

That’s not to say I wasn’t justified in being royally pissed off with a certain situation, it’s not like the issue I was having with someone just materialised last week, it’s been going on for months. That’s the problem with hormones, if there is something that is eating away at you, there comes a point where the pressure valve just gets pushed too far and you have an emotional outburst. It’s damn hard to control. But like a nasty zit, maybe it’s the universes way of pushing for a resolution, because thankfully that came.

So maybe it’s not so much change, more growing pains I was going through last week, and I have to admit I am glad, I didn’t really want change, well I did want change, change to improve, not change to start over, and certainly not to go off in a different direction. But then, if everything always stayed the same we would never grow. It’s easy to become complacent, to get stuck in a groove and to move away from what you’re focus really is. We sometimes need a kick up the arse to keep us on track.

Now I’m back to worrying about money as usual, and that’s the norm. I do however seriously need to think of a way to amplify this area of my life but I keep getting contacted by people who either suggest posh gambling i.e. brokering, or loads of different multi-level marketing (don’t get me started on what a rip off that is!) I know a job I could do at the weekend, but it’s such a meagre amount and would only knacker me, that it’s not worth it.

One of my colleagues at work who is reading Snoopee and the bomb suit, said something that got me thinking this week. I need to rewrite my detailed synopsis and pitch  my book differently. It’s not a Jeffrey Archer type of book, it is very different, she’s right, and I need to present it in it’s own light, so Shirley, big thank you 🙂 There isn’t another book where the main character learns through someone else’s memories how to get a perspective on their own life.

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