Dear Diary… The universe is funny that way!

June 13, 2014


Sometimes its the simplest of things that are heavenly! At the moment, I am totally addicted to Padron peppers, a couple of minutes lightly cooked in hot light olive oil, then sprinkled with sea salt flakes, has become an almost everyday snack when I get home from work. But this evening I took it up a notch. Yes it’s great with a splash of Sarson’s, but it’s even better with smoked sea salt. I bought this Malden smoked sea salt by accident (typical! wasn’t wearing my glasses when I went shopping on one occasion!) and oh what a happy accident when pared with Padron peppers, you just have to try it, then you’ll know what I mean!

As I might have mentioned last week, it’s thanks to a friend Shirley, that I am now pulling back a little on trying to push for my book to get published. I’ve rewritten my detailed synopsis and she has had some really good ideas, I totally get where she is coming from. She wanted to be an editor, and whilst that’s not what her profession is these days, she very astute and I think she would be great at it. So she has very kindly agreed to go through my book and give me her insight, which I look forward to as I completely respect her intelligence.  I am looking forward to her very to the point honest feedback simply because I want Snoopee and the bomb suit to be the very best it can be. I’ve worked on it for years, a few more months won’t hurt!


I received a comment on my article ‘The pissed off era’ from a lady, who when I read it, could have been anyone. She had rightly pointed out that my opening statement was out of context to my article and that perhaps the ‘granny’s’ anger was knowing how she was perceived as a granny. It was a comment I really enjoyed because it made me think. Upon reading it, she had mentioned that she was herself a grandmother and other than that, that’s all I knew. But it meant a lot to me that she had taken the time to read a fairly wordy article (I’m more than often a lot verbose! so getting to the end of one of my missives always impresses me!). She made her point in such a way that I appreciated the constructive criticism and it made me curious to read more of her blog, and I’m very glad I did.

She was far from being the caricature I had painted in my opening paragraph of ‘the pissed off era’. She’s naturally beautiful and fresh-faced and as a writer, extremely easy to read. And the more I read, the more I respected what she had to say. This is a woman I believe I could learn a lot from, so it feels like a true gift that she commented in the first place. I have, and always have had, a real thirst to learn so welcome constructive guidance. If you’re interested to read more of her blogs her name is Rebecca Guevara (and when I found this I realised my respect for the commentator was well founded! She really did know what she was talking about! 🙂

Funny, after re-blogging ‘Try Writing’ by Storyshuker  earlier this week, I received my own comments from someone suggesting that I should redesign my blog to make it more reader friendly and re-write it with more pictures for my recipes. Their comments were only just understandable and there were a lot of ridiculous spelling mistakes in what were two small paragraphs. Frankly – that I didn’t appreciate. From what I could tell, they were only trying to promote their own website by passing comment and there was even less for me to connect with on their site as it was just advertising. (I always check out the blogs of those who take the time to comment, sadly it’s pretty common place that the ones that are poorly spelt and don’t make a lot of grammatical sense use their contact as more of a promotional pitch than from any real and genuine interest).

Fair enough if they don’t like how I write my recipes; but they way I do it, is they way I cook and the way I actually enjoy doing it. Lots of pictures of step by step are not my thing and if that’s what they want to see there are plenty of other blogs that approach it that way. Suggesting someone change their style to suit a particular reader ain’t gonna fly with this blogger. If I follow someone’s recipe it’s usually in my kitchen from my iPhone and I don’t want to be scrolling through reams of info, wasting time thumbing through to relevant points over numerous pictures wasting my phone battery. I like an image of how it should sort of look, and quick, easy to follow steps that don’t require half a day to read. So when someone genuinely comments because they have read a recipe or an article, I’m really touched when they take the time to comment. But it did amuse me that after commenting on Stuart’s blog and the person who nit picked his blog,  that the universe would send me one to see how I would handle it! I find the universe is funny that way!

Whilst I really do try to be kind and spiritual, I do seem to fall off the wagon repeatedly when irritating planks poke the bear! I wish I was as gracious and tolerant as both Rebecca and Stuart! I fear I may only get worse with age! Oh well, hopefully it will make for an interesting ride/read!

The good thing about moderation, is it’s my blog and if I don’t like what someone has to say, I don’t have to post it. But I do certainly wholeheartedly welcome a good ole debate about things and it would be a boring world if we didn’t learn from each other!



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