Dear Diary….Don’t get me started!

June 22, 2014

Dear Diary

I’m a firm believer that when you know what you want and it’s right for you, the universe somehow brings it into your radar. So this week, deciding what type of property I wanted and where, I placed an Ad on Gumtree. I know because of the amount of rent I am willing to pay, that properties that will be available are probably few and far between, but not impossible. So when I received an email for a property that ticked every box I thought yippeee!! So I sent an email back giving my mobile and suggesting we talk.

I then received an email back saying that her phone was down, but could I tell her a little more about myself, so I did. So the next step was to schedule in a viewing, but she was based in Birmingham. She had said that the property belonged to her parents who now lived in Spain and she made it sounds like they were retired and had been there for a long time. However, when I checked on Zoopla I could see that the property had been sold in 2010, so not really that long ago and it didn’t exactly tie in with what she’d said. But, this was just a fluttering of suspicion, everything else appeared to be above board.

She then emailed back a whole load of instructions she had apparently received from her lawyer (should have noted the words used, over here it would be solicitor, but I didn’t quite twig at that point.) and this lawyer had suggested that so the landlord wasn’t wasting any time by coming down to London, I should have a member of my family deposit the monies into Western Union and sent to me as a sign of good faith that I had the money and then I could take it out and give it to her once the contracts were signed.

Now alarm bells were ringing like a cartoon character in my ears! Something was decidedly off! So I repled that I believed this was a very unorthodox way to conduct a rental and that I would have to seek my own legal advice. It had been well written and had I not had previous experience as a Lettings Manager, I might never have guessed this was a scam. So I forwarded it at 9pm to Gumtree security and 2hrs later I received an email back confirming that in all likelihood it was a scam.

It was fortunate for me that my gut instincts were in play on this one, but it still made me so mad. These bloody parasites make my blood boil. To think that they’ve targetted people who don’t have a lot of money and decide to rip off people who will have spent months and months saving and struggling to get these funds together is infuriating. Karmically they are screwed, but unfortunately this doesn’t help their victims. Gumtree were quick off the mark to take action so hopefully they wont be getting away with it. No legitimate landlord would ever request money via Western Union.

Then came the fun and games with the letting agents. Phew-weeeeee! I’ve been inundated with calls all asking exactly what I’m looking for, despite the fact that I sent a very detailed and clear email stating exactly, to the detail, of what I was looking for. About 3/4 of them don’t bother reading their emails; they don’t speak with each other in the same office and I get calls from 3 different agents all in the same office as if I haven’t spoken to anyone in the first place; they send me stuff that is so far out of my or any average persons price range it’s crazy!

Thankfully there are 1/4 left who have some common sense, don’t speak to you like your the clueless idiot and actuallly listen and don’t bully you into taking something that pushes your budget to the max and beyond, for them I am soooo grateful and they are the ones I’ll deal with. But what concerns me is that there are much nicer and gentler people out there than me that the bad ones are bullying and it’s just not right. This country has become so bullishly greedy with lots of preditors manipulating ways of syphoning money out of you.

Interest rates have been low for a long time, but greedy landlords keep pushing the prices up, forcing the workers out of London. Developers are building specifically to sell to foreign markets. Our government is fostering a soul-less over capitalistic country and they just don’t get what they are doing to the majority of every day people. Yes the ecomony is turning around, but the only people it’s benefiting are the wealthy, no one else is feeling the benefits. In the last 4 years there has been an increase of 170% of working people and families getting food from food banks. And what’s really frightening, is that so many people are so despondent with the Conservatives and Labour, that we are seriously in danger of being infested by the cockroaches like the BNP who have gained ground; the national front in France and the neo-nazis in Germany, it’s terrifying that that could even be considered in this day and age.

And don’t get me started on the fact that they don’t teach kids in schools what happened the last time this type of crap all kicked off. They don’t even know about the holocost – it’s mind blowingly horrifying that the tragic lessons generations of people had to endure may be lost, and that all their sacrifices may all be visited again. How can children not be educated on humanity like that? It’s no wonder the press keep feeding the negative.

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