Dear Diary – who would have thought fox shit would make me smile!

June 30, 2014

Dear Diary

Its Monday and Ramses has obviously had a good day. He started by winding me up trying to get me up earlier than I planned. He tried everything (I was wake but determined not to get up earlier than I needed! So I kept my eye mask on pretending to be asleep, but somehow the little sod knew!) He tried purring in my face, a loud pigeon drill and when that didn’t work, he decided to walk back and forth over me; then when that didn’t work he resorted to a time tested method of letting off the most rancid fart near my face!

Now you may think that this is totally unacceptable, but to have him wind me up like that is a breath of nasty air I welcome, considering he hasn’t been himself like that for sometime.

Then when I came home he was all cocky, tail in the air demanding to be fed, another blessing after the trials of last week and once he’d finished devouring his medicine laden dinner and I went to stroke him, his fur was nasty and crusty – the little turd was covered in fox shit! He’d obviously had a good day rolling around in the stuff, knowing as I chased him around the flat purring his head off that I bloody hate the stuff and would do anything to stop him rolling around on my  bed!

Wiping him down, with wipe after wipe as his purring got louder and louder I’d swear the little bugger was laughing at me! But to have even a day of him back to his old self made my day, especially since usually he moves so slowly because of his gamy hip and his old timer ways it filled my heart with joy to see him so happy and playful. You cherish good days like this and it makes you so grateful that he feels good enough to wind me up 🙂


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2 Comments on “Dear Diary – who would have thought fox shit would make me smile!”

  1. Catherine B Says:

    thanks for brightening up my day Siobbhan! Did not realise when I first saw your pork and pickled rhubarb recipe that it was you. Love the recipes, shall be giving several a go 🙂



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