Dear Diary – just itching to get at it!

July 5, 2014

Dear Diary

Ever feel like your life is a runaway train you’re trying to keep up with? That’s how this week felt to me. The refurbishment is full on and we’re on count down now and there’s so much to organise, which I must admit I really enjoy. There are various tensions and I have to keep myself measured and detached so I can handle any problems as and when they pop up.

I’m having a bit of nightmare trying to organise our joint company do to celebrate the two  companies coming together. Trying to get somewhere for 100 people to have a BBQ for £30 per head is proving pretty near impossible, so I think we’re now looking at a pub with a large garden. We had hoped to be able to have some games like rounders and croquet so we could do some team building, but we have so many other costs going out this year and other events, it’s just not feasible. But at least it’s always feasible once everyone’s had a tipple or two!

Ramses is doing great. In fact better than he has been in years. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the vet. I put him on a daily dose of these probiotics which have worked wonders. And they said that there wasn’t any point in adding to his diet since it would probably continue to go straight through him. Bollocks to that! He’s finally gaining weight after 6yrs of this nightmare, and he’s so much happier, he’s even trying to shag this raggedy ball, which I know is impossible, and entirely hilarious as he proceeds to chat it up for at least 15ms with this strange guttural meow, followed by doing the boogie over it to thin air for another 15ms! It truly cracks me up but it gives him such pleasure! I believe he has that phantom limb thing, just with his balls, cos they haven’t been there for 16years but he obviously remembers them fondly!

I have been obsessed with writing, as usual. I had so many wonderful messages regarding my Today’s Author Write Now Prompt stories, with people keen to know what happened next, or enjoying the short stories I pen from these sentences we’re given. I’ve even started my own from June 24th prompt, because people seem to want to know what happens next! It’s even more of a challenge than following on from their one liners. Cliff hangers are easy, it’s what comes after that racks your brain! But I’ve done it, and Time-capsule will be coming to your inboxes each week. Don’t ask me where the hell it’s heading, I haven’t  a clue, I’m letting the main character Mark lead the way so far! I have got some ideas, we’ll just have to wait and see!  But I’m definitely having lots of fun with it! 🙂



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