Cakenips with fresh cherries and creme fraiche

Cakenip with fresh cherries and creme fraiche

OK now this may take a bit of getting your head around but I can safely say this is one of my very best inventions! Cakenip tastes like a sweet pastry but it made of parsnips! It’s sweet and goes amazingly well in any dessert where you might have pastry and it’s all veg!! Honestly try it, you will be blown away!


4 parsips, boiled then pureed.

1 tbsp. hazelnut syrup (I used the stuff I would put in my coffee)

1 tsp. Mirin

1 tbsp. honey

1 egg

1/2 cup of coconut flour

2cm of light olive oil in a pan

12 destoned cherries

a couple of scoops of creme fraiche

spinkle of cooking rose petals.


Take the pureed parsnips and mix together with the Mirin, honey, and hazelnut.

Form shapes like biscuits or balls.

Beat the egg in a bowl, coat the shapes with the egg then roll in the coconut flour until evenly covered.


Heat the oil on medium and then gently place Cakenip shapes and cook until golden brown all over, between 3-5ms. Serve with fresh destoned cherries, creme fraiche and a sprinkly of rose petals.


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4 Comments on “Cakenips with fresh cherries and creme fraiche”

  1. Ema Jones Says:

    What a sweet treat!!
    Check-out my Red Velvet Cookies.. 😛



    • The Cooking and Life Goddess Says:

      Thank you! I loved this because it was sweet, but not overly! Your red velvet cookies are so pretty! 🙂



      • Ema Jones Says:

        Yeah, it’s not that sweet. BTW I went through your blog, it’s amazing. Loved your idea for Paleo Chicken in basil, green chilli, avocado and lime
        I tried Pomegranate Glazed Turkey, you can try with some variation if required, have a look..


      • The Cooking and Life Goddess Says:

        mmm just checked it out, am really liking the kick using the horseradish and mustard and I haven’t come across pomegranate molasses before, you must have some wonderful choices of ingredients over there across the pond! I’ve just done a search and it’s actually easy for me to get online here, so I’m going to give this a bash! I do love learning about things I wasn’t aware of before so big thankQ’s 🙂 thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. Have to say I really enjoyed thumbing through your blog too, a really novel way of delivering it and love the mood food! Am following you now! (sound stalkerish doesn’t it?!) But really glad you connected! 🙂 Cybs


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