Dear Diary – What initally P’d me awf – then cracked me up!

July 13, 2014

Dear Diary

Well I just had to share this, coz yesterday the day started off pretty disturbing, because I heard from an ex’s friend wanting to connect on facebook and the only reason would be because this ex wants to creep back into my life, and the ex was someone I NEVER wanted to hear from again! And to top this off my name has changed since I knew them, so they shouldn’t have been able to find me, but of course the wonderously annoying Facebook finds anyone! So I felt a bit grumbly to say the least yesterday (Thursday).

Then when I came home I had this long missive from the dick head upstairs, previously referred to as one of the warring hypos! It was an outrageous cheek to say the least, and my flatmate cracked up laughing knowing how I was ready for a knock down just because of the frame of mind I was in! The ridiculousness of this situation is, it was all about putting the bins out. Now I keep my rubbish, which is only one bag per week, and I don’t put it out until the morning when the bin men come, so in effect, this plonker was moaning about putting his own rubbish out! I mean, who doesn’t know their own rubbish? It’s been plastered up and down the street enough times! Jezz this man thinks he shits rose petals!!

His passive agressive missive:

Hi, I hope you’re well. I have a request…..

Can I remind you that the bins are taken out every Wednesday between 7-11am.

Whilst I don’t mind doing this job, to date I find myself taking out all the bins on every occasion (for at least 4x months!)

Please can you take your bins out on a Wednesday? If these are not placed on the pavement outside the property then they are left to smell for another week!

On some occasion I might forget to do this task, in which case the bins are completely full for an entire week; it would therefore be useful if both properties enaged this task 🙂

This is a small task, but it is becoming a bit of a pain – with your help this should be easier!

Thanks a lot. R (60 Sxxxxx Rd)

Ok, firstly – what’s with the underlining of the pavement ? Secondly – I don’t think I want to be touching his smelling refuse just because he forgets! ewww! and what’s with the address at the end? Err, like I don’t know where this plonker lives! Jez I can hear the guy fart in his sleep!

Bascially this plank either forgets to put his bins out altogether, or puts his bags out the night before which means party time for the local foxes, who happily decorate the street with his refuse much to the annoyance of our neighbours, who have clearly taken him to task on this! So he wanted to share the blame – ah – how generous! So, I brought this wee essay into the office today and we had a good laugh at his expense!

I did leave my own little note, pointing out that I had actually taken his advice when I moved in, not to put my rubbish out until Wednesday mornings, coz they produce so much crap they take up all the bins anyway! So the truth of the matter was, the problems with the rubbish were in fact his own! Needless to say my note wasn’t passive agressive! Seriously, have the balls to be direct and don’t pussyfoot around with passive agression, it’s spineless and would it have killed him just to have a conversation?

So whilst I was initially pissed off at the end of a bad day, by the end of it I was laughing my head off, realising that the person who this idiot was most mad at was none other than his own stupid self!! But thanks for the laugh! R – you just looked like an idiot! 😀


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