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September 8, 2014

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I have made several variations of these pancakes both successfully and unsuccessfully hence the term ‘rubbery’ which my critical boyfriend used in reference to a previous attempt at making his breakfast. To be fair, we were in the middle of a quite heated argument so he may have been meaner than usual. To his credit though, on this particular occasion, I will not deny that my pancakes were in fact quite rubbery. Today they were wonderful. Boyfriend approved too… he complimented the taste and texture while looking quite surprised haha… I think he was still scared from the last time!. 🙂

When I am hungry and in the mood for something sweet I generally just run into my kitchen and throw as many sweet things as possible into a bowl, bake it, and hope it turns out tasting like dessert. It is often disastrous but sometimes magical. Today was magical. For this recipe you can be as free handed and creative as you wish. I used what I had in my kitchen, which was not a lot as I am in desperate need of a big food shop. Feel free to add or substitute any ingredients you would prefer in your pancakes. I really wish I had chocolate chips, but they never last long in my house.

I used

1 whole banana. Mine was almost completely black skinned and some would say it should have been thrown in the bin cause it was kind of old but being the liberal non racist or ageist type that I am I decided to mash it up into my mixing bowl and hope for the best. You would do the same right? Bananas actually get sweeter the riper they are so if they do turn a little brown.. don’t be scared, chuck them in your pancake mixture!!

3 whole eggs Yes I use the yolk! OH EM GEE, not just the whites!! I eat about 3 eggs a day…. and my cholesterol levels are fine, thank you! Do not fear the yolk. It is full of zinc and high in protein, which are both great for muscle recovery (vital after a session of growing your muscles in the gym). It is high in lots of fat soluble vitamins and B vitamins and tonnes of minerals and I could go on forever but we are talking about pancakes today so basically they are really good for us and if you don’t believe me read this. Eat the entire egg please.

2 scoops of chocolate milkshake flavour whey protein Boy I could really go on about different types of protein here but I will restrain myself. Let me know if you are interested in learning about different types of protein powders, brands, etc, I may dedicate a post to it in the future! For now realize that you usually get what you pay for here. If you pick a cheapo brand from the grocery store, it will probably have cheapo ingredients. The one I used today was what I had in the house (it belongs to Ruairí, my body builder/200 lb boyfriend) and although it is a great brand with high quality ingredients and I love the taste I would prefer a lower carb / lower calorie one for myself.

1 little splash of Vanilla Extract Did not measure it, just dunked it in. I am a rebel. A few little splashes.

1 big splash of unsweetened Almond Milk Same as above. Use as much as you need to get rid of any protein lumps! 🙂

1 Big tablespoon of cacao powder To make them taste extra chocolaty of course.

1 Big tablespoon of Flaxseed Meal Getting in my omegas. 😉

1 sprinkle of Stevia Stevia is a plant based sugar substitute. It is super sweet so you only need to use a teeny bit and is not loaded with chemicals unlike the other low calorie artificial sweeteners. Try it. 🙂

So for the method… ugh….

I mashed up the brown banana, added 3 eggs, whisked it with my fork. Added the protein, slowly – 1 scoop at a time, whisking the whole time and added in almond milk as needed. I then threw in the rest of the ingredients until I had a bowl of chocolately goo.

I got out my frying pan, sprayed it with coconut oil spray and poured a little bit of mixture on to the hot pan. To make sure your pancakes are flippable, wait to flip until you see bubbles on the surface while they are cooking. If not you won’t be able to flip and the pancake will turn into a weird shape…. I ate the weird shape ones anyway. 😉 Repeat until all your mixture is used up!

This made about 8 decent but smaller than diner sized pancakes, enough for you and a body builder… or your kids. Kids like pancakes. If you are cooking for yourself use half of the ingredients. Or save some in the fridge and toast them the next morning.






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