Flirting with Veganism! Raspberry Banana & Lemon Cheessoffee

April 10, 2017


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Raspberry & Lemon Cheessoffee

Well hi there folks! Long time me no write! I’ve been busy though, I relaunched my Voice over and production career, ( and I’ve even launched my own meditation tracks on my Youtube channel:  please, have a visit and a listen, they are the perfect 10 minute escape from everything!

I’ve also just published my new book #Happy! by S E Shaw, Which is now on sale through Amazon, Kindle and also for those like me who find reading tiring on the old peeps, it’s also out on Audible by April 18th too! It’s a fun little book that really packs a punch! I’d challenge you not to be smiling by the end!

So as you can imagine, that has pretty much kept me out of mischief! I have been constantly creating recipes and taking photos, there a tons on my iMac! But, I have to admit, there was a time there when I was creating so many recipes my ass grew exponentially! I just couldn’t sustain the momentum and probably had a bit of burn out!

Anyways, the reason I’m back today is I wanted to share with you a creation of mine that will blow your socks off! It’s just too good not to share!! So here goes!

I like to call this Raspberry & Lemon Cheessoffee and it’s basically a marriage of cheesecake and Banoffi pie which just happens to be Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Sugar free, and couldn’t offend a god damn fly! Oh heck I hear you cry – that can’t be great! But trust me, once you dive into the creamy delicious caramelly delight, you’ll go past the point where your stomach hurts from eating coz you wont wanna stop shoving it in yer face!

The Cheese bit

1 cartons 250ml coconut cream whipped (make sure they’ve been in the fridge over night, they whip up nice a firm – I made the mistake of not doing this, and being lazy and whipping the coconut cream and cream cheese together and I just had a never firming delicious trifle swamp! So whip the coconut cream first until you get nice firm peaks. Then whip in the cream cheese.

1 carton of ‘Free From Dairy Free Cream Cheese’ – which is optional but I like the flavour, even though it’s basically coconut and coconut! But they really are different somehow! If you just one of these you’ll have a firm but creamy texture, if you use two, it will be firmer, so it’s up to you how you like it!

¼ tsp lemon flavour

200g fresh raspberries

4 Bananas sliced and kept to the side till each part has been prepared.

Caramel sauce

¾ litre of cashew nut milk (I used coconut  before and it made the caramel very coconutty so it didn’t feel like caramel) cashew nut hasn’t the same strong flavour

Now last time I used honey, but when I learnt coconut sugar has an even lower GI, I decided to go from ¾ cup of honey ½ cup of coconut sugar.

1tps Vanilla extract

¼ tsp sea salt

1 tsp coconut oil

Now at this point I’m feeling kinda naughty and figured I’d launch a wee kick to this recipe and make this a Glayva Whiskey liqueur caramel, since I made it the usual way in the past you know with condensed milk and it was a huge hit, but that was before I started cooking without wheat and sugar and now often dairy! So you can add this if you fancy or not!



When I made this the first time I used honey, but I wanted to cut down on this and I also wanted a less sticky base, as it made it difficult to serve! So now, it’s equal parts chopped nuts and chopped dates.

1 bag of chopped nuts 200g

200g chopped dates

Grated rind of 1 lemon.

Optional – I like to add a sprinkling of omega seeds which include pumpkin, golden and brown linseeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds which is just a super healthy boost for something that is already sinfully innocent of evils!!


Ok, I use for this one of those cake tins that pushes up through the middle, the one I’m using is 12 inches diameter.

First, I do the cheese bit, basically, except for the raspberries, just whip the coconut cream first till very firm, then add in cheese, make sure it’s all whipped up firm, then, fold in the raspberries without damaging them, then whack it in the fridge whilst you do the rest.

Second, the caramel bit – sling it all into a pot, and stir and stir and stir until it  gets to the consistency/thickness that you want, for me, and this cake I need it pretty thick. You can’t leave this alone folks it burns, you need to keep stirring until ready!  Once at the right thickness, pour into container and fling in the fridge, this will help it firm more. (I also add 2 tbsp of Glayva Whiskey at then end!)

Third – the base. mix chopped up dates, nuts, lemon rind, kneed it all into a ball. Once mixed I use it to line the base of the cake tin, really squishing it down hard, I even use some baking paper and a plate to get maximum squish! You want it really nicely packed in!

Next, I chop up the bananas and create 2 or 3 layers on top of the base.

Then a layer of caramel over that.

Then a layer of the creamy cheese

Then across the top, I like the sprinkle shaved coconut, and then a sprinkling of dried raspberries cos they’re so pretty and some raw roast cacao nibs!!

You’re done! Place in the fridge for 4hrs to firm up et voila! Enjoy! And as soon as I can grab a moment again I’ll look at loading up some more of my sometimes wonderful, sometimes seriously strange recipes! Happy Spring folks and thank you for still being here! J



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