Oh Yes Yes!! – The Mother of all Toasties!

July 10, 2017



That is the name of this mouth-watering toasted sandwich. I know, I don’t usually post sandwiches, but once you taste this, you’ll be like WOW!

Since I’ve gone vegetarian, for some reason the mind-set makes me feel more creative. Like the omission of meat from my diet has this huge cavern to fill! I didn’t actually eat that much meat, mainly a couple of chicken legs in soup per week. Weird that when I was eating meat I could happily put up with the same dinner from a large pot, day in day out until the weekend when I couldn’t face the same dish anymore and would then bother to do something different. But when you live on your own, you often go through periods of food for fuel. But then something reignites that passion and off you go!

I have no idea if this is a short lived spurt of creativity, so I’m just going to roll with it. You won’t get flooded with emails, but if I come up with something I’ll post it, at some point! 😛

So whilst I was ruminating on what to eat now my fridge is over flowing with vegetables, no dairy in sight; and with the weather being what it is, you don’t always fancy something too heavy, and a normal sandwich seemed a bit boring.

Now I had absolutely no idea if this would work. I just knew flavors I like, and I figured it might just work! And wow, it did! Far better, if I’m honest, than even I expected! I know some of my odd combinations cause a raised eyebrow or two, but chances are I didn’t holler about how amazing they were either!

The gutting part of this story is that whilst I was savoring every tasty morsel of this culinary delight! Patting myself on the back for a weird one that worked! Whilst trying to capture the delicious juices that were trickling down my hand, I accidentally knocked the other half onto the floor! Way to messy for the 5 sec rule! And no more avos in the fridge! I will however be going back to this recipe repeatedly. This is one satisfied meat eater whose taste buds were happily dancing! Enjoy!

OK, getting on with it!

You’ll need:

2 slices of bread (I use Freefrom from Sainsbury’s, it’s wheat and milk free) toasted.

½ avocado

2 large gherkins (I went for the normal vinegar opposed to the sweet vinegar, because the flavour pops better once it hits the other ingredients).

Freefrom cream cheese

Fresh herbs – fresh basil and chives

4 sliced cherry tomatoes

Lemon juice

Sea salt

Rainbow pepper coarse ground

Extra virgin olive oil

Tsp Dijon mustard


On one slice of toast, spread the avocado thickly over the whole surface.

Slice the cherry tomatoes and layer over the avocado

I then used fresh Greek Basil and sprinkled it evenly over the tomatoes

Then drizzle a few drops of lemon juice over each tomato.

Sprinkle sea salt

Sprinkle pepper

Drizzle very lightly, olive oil, two z’s across the surface


With the other toasted slice, spread the cream cheese over the entire surface.

Take a tsp of Dijon mustard, and lightly blend it with the cream cheese.

Then slice the large gherkins in two, and lay all 4 slices side by side over the mustard and cream cheese.

Sprinkle chopped chives evenly over surface.

Now you have two open top sandwiches, so you want to carefully put them together, making sure bits don’t fall out!

Now if you have an actual toaster machine this might be easier, I don’t, so I cooked it in a frying pan in some extra virgin olive. I cooked it on a medium heat with a lid over to make sure it cooked through.

4ms each side, whilst remembering it doesn’t have the usually sticky ingredients that glue contents together. A toastie machine probably eliminates this issue! Note to self, buy toastie maker!


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