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Dear Diary – Sometimes posting once a week is not enough!

May 20, 2014


Ok, I have to share what happened to me today just because it was so bloody funny! Now some of you maybe aware that I’ve recently submitted my book ‘Snoopi and the bomb suit’ to a couple of literary agents in the hopes of getting representation to get published. And then I received the following […]

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Dear Diary – OH!!! I get it now!

May 6, 2014


So, I go to see this psychic in Kingston and she’s like a really bad version of me in 20years time, seriously scary! Heavily dyed black hair, bright turquoise eyeshadow and clothes that are just that bit too tight.  On the phone when I called she spoke like I was interrupting her from something, but […]

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Dear Diary – Hello? Universe? Are you speaking to me?

April 27, 2014


Ok first things first. This avoiding wheat etc is working really well. Without actually dieting my weight has dropped 1 stone, or 14lbs, done with Davina training me through the telly, so I am feeling better in myself. I’ll be happy when I’ve lost 1 more stone but I know that will take a good […]

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Dear Diary, Feelin’ the wobble!

April 20, 2014


Ok, so I mentioned a while ago that I was thinking about starting this DVD, you know the one I bought “Vicky’s 7 day slim” and it’s taken me till this weekend to finally unwrap it. I have the arrangement with a friend at work as she has the DVD too, as of the 12th […]

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Dear Diary Well how do you do? Long time no speak!

March 24, 2014

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13th March 2014

Dear Diary,

It’s been a long time since we last spoke, basically I just want to use and abuse you when I’m feeling like a rant, so maybe that means things have been good? Well yes I suppose they have but me not ranting on a semi-regular basis is pretty unlikely! I guess I’ve just been too flat-out to moan! (except when I’m behind the wheel of a car – that’s too damn therapeutic to neglect!)

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