Welcome! So what’s this all about then?!

Selfie out the bedroom window!

Selfie out the bedroom window!

Thank you for joining me in celebrating all things food! and everything else in between! On this blog you will find inspired recipes, initially focusing on how to use vinegar in delicious recipes. You’d be surprised how vinegar turns up in starters, main courses and even desserts! There are even the brave who take it in cocktails and we’ll explore that too!

Apart from tantalising recipes, I’ll share articles I’ve written and links I like; you can follow my diary on my long journey (I hope!) towards adopting and then at a later stage fostering and getting myself healthy and back in shape. And who knows maybe I’ll find a literary agent and publisher to take on ‘Snoopi and the bomb suit’ and I’ll reach my dreams of being a published author!

Catagories we have are:

* Links I like

* Dear Diary

* Lip Smacking Recipes

* Mizkan Japanese recipes

* An Intriguing Read

* Your questions answered

I’m looking forward to getting to you know you and to hearing your views on my posts.


A little bit about me…..

So who the hell am I? No I’m not famous, I did used to have my own little TV program many moons ago – I did a little reporting on SW news, a few bits and pieces of interviews for anything alternative and I also have a daily tiny winy program where I wrote and presented a horoscope show for Telewest, I even appeared in a few adverts and one short film at Grenwich Film Festival but that really was a loooong time ago now! You know the only person to ever recognise me, was some Roy Cropper like character who turned up at my door selling tea towels! Oh the fame!

So what am I doing here then? Well gone are the heady days of TV (cough splutter!) these days I’m an office manager for a Japanese company called Mizkan, who bought various products from Premier Foods, such as the Branston line of relishes, Sarsons vinegars and Haywards pickles. If someone had told me this is the way my career would take me when I joined, I’d never be able to see it! But, I organise events amongst my many duties, and in a nut shell we had this conference held at a really nice 4 star hotel who managed to really balls up the food, which was supposed to highlight using our products in the very best light.  So after that I thought I’d take the lead on the food situation so that that would never happen again.

I had parents that were passionate about cooking, they were creative and also at various struggling points in my youth extremely resourceful, they could make a banquet out of just about anything. I spent much of my childhood as the reluctant washerupper, but it’s amazing just how much you take in whilst you are watching and listening.

Looking at the recipes we had at our first conference they were more snacky than fine dining, and I wanted to show how we could use all our products to produce a sophisticated dinner, I wanted to show that pickles and vinegar weren’t just about ploughman’s, that we often don’t realise just how many dishes require the use of all different types of vinegar. So I got writing (writing is always my passion! combine that with food and I’m in heaven!) and once I started there was no stopping me. At this point I have over 100 recipes, some of which I will float on here, others I’ll hopefully produce a book for.

And because so many things interest me, and I usually seem to be a bit of an information station, as well as a problem solver/fixer, it made sense to put it all in this blog.

So, apart from sharing my recipes with you; exposing my waddle (if you’ve got one you’ll know!) I’m also inviting people to email in any problems to ‘Your questions answered…’ where I will impart my own brand of advice; as well as that I’ll be posting various articles I find interesting and also Dear Diary, because at some point I’m going to embark on becoming a foster mom, but that’s a bit of a way off at the moment whilst I maneuver myself into the best position, i.e. move house. I’ve also just bought a fitness DVD, so I might see how that goes, as a good friend has assured me that exercise helps with the flushes!! I’m too damn young for them!!

You’ll find with my recipes that I do like to play with my food. I will cut corners if it makes life easier (we all have limited time!) and I might possibly m ake complete cock-up at times but I’ll always show you how to save the day and redeem yourself! I am even planning in the next few months to make a video blog of my recipes, but first I have to buy a camcorder and perhaps tidy the kitchen! So many plans!! So please join me on my journey and we’ll see where we end up!  Cybs x


If there are any topics you’re interested in don’t be afraid to enquire, I might be very happy to create an article if it tickles me fancy!

Please email any problems, queries, suggested articles, unusual recipes to: 








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